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For nearly 20 years, we’ve quietly helped create innovative projects that make bodybuilding & strength sports a lot cooler.

(All while respectfully telling “big industry” to kindly f*ck off.)

The PhysiQulture Collaborative is a community, a network, and a think-tank established to help innovate and encourage projects, businesses, and missions that arise from the passion for physique sports like bodybuilding, strongman, and powerlifting. Engendering innovation and placing community and ethics above prestige and prizes, we’re all about investing in commonality and camaraderie. By combining our wisdom, experience, and insight we can expand the positive impact of bodybuilding and strength sports, expand their relevance in the larger world, and keep them accessible, rational, and fun.

The PhysiQulture Collaborative incubates and initiate concepts and projects that improve how people participate in these sports, and also focuses on how these sports can inform, influence, and improve the larger world around us. Sometimes experiments, other times organizations, we are always trying to expand the ways that participation in bodybuilding and strength can be fulfilling and forward thinking.

Yup. We’re clever little bastards.



Perhaps the most important improvement to physique competition since the biceps pose.

Simple concept. Massively useful. It’s about time we represent competitive bodybuilding merit in the same way we handle consistent bodybuilding gains. Championship rewarded as the result of consistency over time, rather than coincidence of a moment.

Competitive Physique Scoring is a tool that may not fix everything wrong with the competitive sport, but it certainly has the potential to clear off some of the bullshit.

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Here’s the deal.

Pretty much any athlete can keep a score. Scores can be calculated for just one contest for for a whole season. Scores can even be tabulated for an entire team – or for an athlete’s entire competitive career.


What a score “says".


Think of a score as a ranking of how unbeatable an athlete is. It instantly describes how consistently a bodybuilder or strength athlete brings their A-game to a contest.

Likewise, the score emphasizes the quality of an athlete’s work, rather than the trophies an athlete might earn. It takes into account the size of a competition, which means it makes every competitor in a class – from first to last – essential for determining the best.

Think about it: an athlete who beats more competitors but came in second place in their class is still a more formidable competitor than, say, an athlete who beat far fewer competitors yet still received a first place prize.

There’s tons more uses for competitive scoring, from helping an athlete set a goal to assisting teams figure out their strong points and weak links. But no matter how it’s used, the sports finally have a way of comparing athletes across classes, across contests, and across time.


Ready to score?

Just follow these easy-to-follow guides to help you start scoring and start improving competition.

(Slideshows too small to read? Click on them to go to a larger version.)


Prefer a livelier explanation? Watch this instead.

The scoring concept as explained by how it was used in The Next Level program.

The scoring system was first used among the athletes and bodybuilder teams enrolled in the innovative physique sports leadership program, The Next Level. Here’s the video that introduced Next level athletes to the scoring concept. (We get it: sometimes watching is easier than reading.)

The Next Level was a project of the PhysiQulture Collaborative that ran for nearly 20 years (and still might come back some day). It coached scores of athletes and inspired hundreds with it’s innovative, ethical (and fun) teamwork-focused approach.

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Ready to compete?
We need your help.

Competitive scoring an experimental concept. We need your help to make it the standard in sport.

Our vision is to see the scoring method become the standard all leagues operate with. One day, bodybuilders and strength athletes will be raked and rewarded according to their ability to maintain low scores, rather than by the events of one single day.

And we really think every league, every promoter, every trainers and every athlete will be well served by integrating the scoring system right away. It’s all benefit, no loss. After all, scoring is a neutral concept, beholden to no one’s agenda. It’s just math. Likewise, the PhysiQulture Collaborative, as arbiters of the scoring formula and system, hold no stakes in the leagues or industry surrounding them. Our only agenda is to see the sport improve, creating an environment that allows for more opportunity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and quality to thrive.

It’s basically the biggest freebie every to hit the sport.

The benefit scoring could have is profound. The ways it could be used to expand these sports are exciting to imagine. But it doesn’t happen without help. Your help.

We would be eager to register you among the athletes looking to see bodybuilding and strength sports improve. Right now there’s notes or dues; no secret policies or obligations. We just need athletes excited and interested to keep their scores.

Eventually, we think athletes will be more motivated to compete score versus score, over time, across leagues and across distances. We think “pro status” can be refined to those who maintain a low score consistently, year in and year out. We think scoring will make relevant those at the back of the pack, and foist clearer responsibility upon those vying for the top.

So, let’s get started. Head over to the PQC Registration page, and let us know you’re into this concept.

Let’s collaborate.