Here is where you register as an “official” PhysiQulture Collaborator.


So you know, we use the term “official” very casually. Our organization is tiny – we’re talking puny – and likewise most of our work is virtual. So what registration simply means is this:

  • You want to be kept abreast of any opportunities to collaborate with like-minded innovators.

  • You hate spam, but love quality content.

  • You’re not agreeing to pay for anything.

  • You are a competitor who wants to start registering their score under the PQC. (More on that later.)


Become a score-carrying athlete.

Want to get competitive? Register and we will keep you in our roster.

We hope in the future to begin creating virtual competitions between athletes. (Yes, eventually with prizes.) But it starts with your interest in carrying a score. So register as a competitive athlete, and when we hit capacity, the game is on, and you’re in the running.

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